A recent article from the L.A. Times (Source L.A. Times – Chris O’Brien) exposes how consumers are more and more keeping their old device or buying second hand. It implies a direct and obvious impact on Apple’s sales.

It can also serve Apple indirectly in the long run as Apple users tend to stay in the brand afterward, but this is not why I found it worth reading:

This is concerning directly in term of video game production, if you consider that the technology involved in recent iOS game development is catching up with consoles, in many ways (AI, rig, physics, shader complexity, dynamic loading and data processing, post-processes).

One of the byproducts of device renewal is that you cut the support for older phones on newer titles, thus support mostly faster platforms with better performances. Some will argue that preserving good gameplay should be the main target of most developers. As much as we want to believe and defend this point, keep in mind that technology and horse-powers are also key in unlocking R&D and means to support the player’s experience.